Search location is incorrect - add a place for Bowen Island

Hi! I live on an island called Bowen Island in British Columbia. I was hoping to get a definitive list of all the species spotted on my island, but when I type in “Bowen Island” in my browser (Chrome, but I doubt that matters) and select the “Bowen Island, BC, Canada” option it instead loads the Bowen Island Ecological Reserve rather than the full island. Not sure where that mapping exists for the geo-coordinates but something seems to have gone awry in this case.

Screenshot attached:



the Location box searches google maps, and doesn’t always show the correct results. If you click on “Filters”, and then “More filters”, there is a section called “place” - this searches iNat places specifically. If that still gives you the Reserve then I’m not sure…

I tried searching for “Bowen island” in the Place box, and it seems there is no place for the whole island. in that case you could create one here: You can either upload a kml file or draw a polygon yourself.

There was a point place (i.e. no boundary, just a single lat/lon) for Bowen Island. I replaced the point definition with a boundary I found here. The page for it is and the place id is 53787.


Thanks so much, this is terrific!

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