How to find places

Is there a way to say click on a certain point on a map and see which places already include that point on the map? For identifying things I was curious if there are any places which include multiple archipelagos in the pacific and couldn’t really find much by guessing in the search locations bar on the identify page, so I’m unsure if I’m not using the right search keywords or if places like this do not exist.

I’m pretty sure I can also string together place IDs in the URL and that could potentially solve my problem, but I’m still curious if such a feature to search for places exists.

If there is an existing iNat observation at the location of interest, you can go to the observation detail page for that observation ( for example), and click on the Details drop-down just under the bottom right corner of the map. This will list both the Standard and Community Curated places containing that location.

If the observation happens to have geoprivacy or taxon geoprivacy applied (and is not your own observation), some places may be missing from the list.


Not sure if this will help your particular situation, but you can use explore to go to place on the planet then click on “Places of Interest” to see iNat places in that area. When you mouseover them, you’ll see the boundary of the place. Here’s me mousing over the “Northwestern Hawaiian Islands” place.


Thank you @tiwane and @jdmore those tips will work perfectly!


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