Search projects by place and taxa

Could place and taxa filters be added to the search in projects, as they are for Identify?

It could be handy for a user to be able to search for existing projects to add their observations to. Currently, the only ways I know to search for projects are to:

  1. guess at the right keywords in the project name/description (which can exclude global projects in a different language than the user’s), or
  2. search observations in the same taxon and see if any of them are in any projects (for a broad taxon project like “Mammals of Texas”, that’s a lot of observations to check).

I think this would be useful, since I often look for projects in my area and it can be quite difficult to find them.

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Yes, Exactly!

Or better yet, for projects in areas outside your “home base”! I went on vacation to Italy last year and wanted to add my observations to relevant Italian and European projects (especially my observations of invasive species). I don’t read Italian, and there’s no option to limit location, so finding projects with the current search was difficult.

E.g. for taxa: Global Bat Watch isn’t a collection project. If users who don’t read English could search for projects related to Chiroptera, they could find it more easily.

I would also like this very much (I would vote but have run out of votes).

There is a problem with ‘nested’ places though, and I’m not sure if this has been sorted or for how many places. For example, South Africa is not nested within southern Africa, so one has to search for both places. @tonyrebelo was this particular issue sorted out?