Search within a Project

Is there a way to search for sightings within a project? Or, to add a particular project to the search parameters in the ‘observations’ search?

I want to search within the ‘Leafminers of North America’ project for leafminers found on Lonicera spp., but am not seeing any way to do that. Searching on just ‘insects’ within the observations search would return far too many observations that are not leafminers to be useful.

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Click on the filters button, and then “more filters” at the bottom left of the filter panel

Thank you!

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Please note there are multiple different ways (All different observation fields) which can document something like what plant an insect is on, different users will use different onesm and many wont do it at all. So that will complicate your search. It can still be done, but it complicates it.

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