Search URLs Wishlist

i think it would be cool if there was a search string creation tool (maybe accessible as an “advanced filter” version of the standard filter panel) that maybe has a box of possible search parameters in a list on a left, a box on the right that contains information about highlighted parameter (and use cases), and a box below these boxes that would be where i could create my search string. (if i already had some filters specified in the standard filter panel, those should be pre-populated in the bottom box when i switch to “advanced filter” mode.)

i think it would be even cooler if i could save my queries within iNaturalist itself rather than having to bookmark them in my browser.

and way cooler than that would be if i could take a saved query and display the count of records that it would return as a “quick stat” that i could append onto my iNat home page. if i click on that “quick stat”, it would be nice to be able to push those results into either an Explore or an Identify screen.

so for example, i’m currently subscribed to Place X so that i can see new observations that pop up in Place X in my home page. but if instead i can create a “quick stat” that can show me there are x unreviewed observations in Place X, then i can use that instead of the subscription as the starting point for my Place X review workflow, and that can reduce the mishmash of things that show up in the stream on my home page. (also on the daily notification e-mails that i get, it would be nicer just to see the “quick stat” than a mishmash of observation updates from a place.)


@pisum This was posted in a tutorial topic, but I think this post would be better suited as a conversation starter in General, so I’ve moved it there. Feel free to change the title.

That sounds like my wishlist too, if I understand it correctly…so one could build a search from this feature instead of having to go to a spreadsheet to find eg place IDs and somewhere else for field IDs and back to the tutorial to remember what words and symbols to add to different kinds of IDs…is that it? Or would one still have to collect the names and numbers in a document, but not have to write the terms in a url? That would be good too. If you havent guessed, i have not mastered this yet. ( But i have collected all my place names in a spreadsheet and now do multiple place searches, thanks to tiwane’s tutorial:)