Add a 'Random' filter to the app

One small suggestion for the iNat is the addition of a ‘random’ option in the Filters tab, possibly under ‘Dates’. It already exists on the website, so it’d be a nice addition to encourage those of us who like to kill time using the app to ID. :wink:

i find the app really hard to use for ID, it doesn’t work well at all. Interesting that it does for you, how does your ‘workflow’ work? You can’t filter out reviewed can you?

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Nope, you can’t mark ones you’ve reviewed, as far as I know. I use the app’s ID mainly for killing time (to the point that when I actually looked into the website, I was overwhelmed).

However, with the way the app likes to crash the more I scroll down, sometimes I just want to grab a bunch of random ones from my location and see if any look familiar. I’ve been surprised to find some very old observations in my area that were ones I knew right away, or were ones I learned since seeing them.


At least the way we’re doing it, random ordering doesn’t work with pagination, so we would have to pretty radically redo how we show observations in Explore in the Android to achieve this, and IMO, that’s just not worth it to support this feature. You’ll not that in Identify on the website we remove the pagination options when you sort by random, and if you append order_by=random you’ll start seeing duplicates as you scroll (generally you need a small result set to notice this).


Ahhh. I got you. If it’ll cause that much headache, it’s not worth it. :joy:

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I’ll close this thread.

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