Search users by ORCID

Platform(s), such as mobile, website, API, other: API

URLs (aka web addresses) of any pages, if relevant: Example call

curl -X GET --header 'Accept: application/json' '

Description of need:
Need is rather vague, but potentially useful. Searching by ORCID in the search API would permit discovery of expertise elsewhere. There are approximately 1,768 user accounts with an ORCID whose research grade observations wind-up on GBIF of which 351 of these also have specimens linked to them via Bionomia. As the dev of the latter, I’d like to auto-link to users’ iNat profile.

Feature request details:
Add ORCID ID to the users search index & expose it in the search API.

Only tangentially related, but: you can add an ORCID to your iNat profile? Where?


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I’d never heard of Bionomia before. What a fascinating project!

Added a github issue here:

This has been added, eg


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