Searchable photographic library?

Hello and thanks in advance for your assistance. I am interested in using a searchable photographic database as a start on a machine learning project. Does INaturalist have such a facility?
Thanks much! Pete

Check out

Wow, that looks super helpful! I don’t think our goal would be to win the contest, but the resource looks very useful. Thanks!

Further question- I see that it is organized by “super catagory” and the the Genus species is given. Is it searchable by intermediate taxonomic level, for example could you search the list for “Anisoptera”, or some other taxonomic level? Thanks

I’m not super familiar with that dataset, but if you’re not seeing something like ancestry or any ancestor names, then no, i don’t think it’s searchable in that way.

Do you know of a photographic data set that is indexed taxonomically? Thanks!

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