Taxon map defaults to Pacific Ocean

I have chosen Southern Africa. But the map displays with Africa hidden off to the left.

Can you share a URL and screenshot? When you say you have chosen Southern Africa, where have you selected that place? Thanks!

an URL

but screenshots I battle with.
My map on this taxon page has Africa partly visible at the left margin.

Set on Southern Africa as you suggested on a previous thread.
Top right below the search species box, I have a green pin Southern Africa.

Thanks, I can replicate:

Similar issue when I select United States, but only when I refresh the page after selecting the place in the top right corner:

by the way, some instructions for taking a screenshot here:

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My Southern Africa default has disappeared.
My map now kindly defaults to the South-Western Cape for our fynbos species.

This is still happening if one has the southern Africa place selected:

When it should probably look like this (no matter what region is selected?)

The new tiles do make the map load faster, but they are hard to see. But if the map covered just the area that the taxon had been recorded, then if I saw the above map I’d know there were pins in areas where I would not expect them to be and can look harder ;-)

This map is for Drepanogynis, an African taxon, so I know the pins in the Americas must be misidentifications and I can go have a look.

Once I had fixed those 2 mis-IDs and removed southern Africa as the region, the map zooms to the area of recorded obs in southern Africa correctly.


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