Searching for disagreed annotations

Is it possible to search through my observations for instances where somebody disagreed with an annotation? I want to make sure to address any inconsistencies and inaccuracies. I could not find anything like this in the filters.


i’m not aware of an easy way to get this information. you can use the API to get this information, but i’m not aware of anything already written that dos this specifically.

so short of having code for already written or writing something, probably the fastest way to get this information is to get the results from, then search for "vote_flag":false in the results. then increment the page number (page=2) and repeat for each of 20+ pages to go through all your observations.

Oof, tried that and got the “A web page is slowing down your browser. What would you like to do?” message multiple times. Will this work even if you don’t Expand All?

your browser might be trying to be too smart by rendering everything in a nested structure. you really just need the text to search through. so you can try opening up the URL in a simple text editor like Notepad (if you’re a Windows user). just go to file > open, and when it asks you for a file name, just paste in the URL, tweak the page number as necessary, and hit enter. it will download and open the file as plain text. then you can search within the text.

alternatively, you can lower the per_page value from 200 to something lower so that you can still open it within the browser. this will just require that you go through more pages.


I wrote a Perl script that downloads all the pages and stores it on my computer. When I search for "vote_flag":false it shows up about 20 times in the data, where no disagree was ticked. But that is manageable. Thanks for the info on how to use the API, it works great.


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