How to find my incorrect annotations

For those more computer savvy than I, is there a string I can type to find any of the annotations I’ve made that have been marked “thumbs-down”?

The following link is an example. I originally marked it as female. The only way I knew I had made a mistake was the comment pointing out that the Kestrel was male. When I clicked on the observation there were 2 thumbs down next to my incorrect annotation. I fixed it and also commented so all would know it was fixed.



as far as i know, there’s no efficient way for regular users to get this kind of information.


Thank you. I was afraid that might be the case, but still hoping for a way.

as far as i’m aware, there’s no way to use the API or any of the screens in the system to filter for observations where a particular user added an annotation (or voted it up / down).

it’s not a great solution, but it is possible to run some code to get a reasonably-sized set of observations (<10000 observations probably) and search for cases where there are disagreements in the annotations, but you would probably need to know some sort of programming language that could accomplish this, and you would also need a way to define that starting set of observations to scan through. for example, if you know that all your annotations were accompanied by identifications, you could start with a set of all observations you’ve identified. or if you know that you explicitly marked all observations that you’ve annotated as reviewed, then you could search start with a set of all observations you’ve reviewed. but if you don’t have a way to define a reasonably-sized starting set, then i don’t think there any reasonable ways to proceed without having direct access to the database.

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Thank you. Hopefully I have not made other mistakes. Do you think the ability for users to search for down votes on the annotations they have provided would be worth adding to the request for features or is it too difficult to add?

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i guess it never hurts to ask, but i think the way that the annotations are structured makes it hard to properly implement a robust search function for the masses because annotations are not just the annotations themselves but also the agreements and disagreements. so like in your case, you’re wanting to find observations where you made that initial annotation and then someone disagreed later. but would you also want to get the observations below?

  • you made the initial annotation and there is 1 disagreement vs 5 agreements
  • you made the initial annotation and there are 5 disagreements vs 1 agreement
  • you agreed to an annotation but there are also 5 disagreements
  • you agreed to an annotation but there is also 1 disagreement
  • you disagreed to an annotation but there are also 5 agreements

I’m just interested in disagreements (any number) to my initial annotation.

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