Searching for observations in Harbor Islands area

Edit: I’m bad at computering, plz disregard this post
Request for a Bounding Box map edit: Harbor Islands, Boston MA

Include all the islands people would expect when searching for the Harbor Island National State Park. [Include missing islands, e.g. Peddocks, Grape, and Bumpkin Island]

Below is the map from the Boston Harbor Islands Park’s website

The bounding boxes you see on the Explore page aren’t related to Places on iNat, so I think that’d be a separate feature request. Though I’m not sure if that’s even editable on iNat’s end, since I’m pretty sure they just display what comes through from Google.

There are some Places for that area you might want to select instead:

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Bummer :(
Oooooo… those other options though, haven’t seen that drop down menu before. My bad then for poor google-fu.
-thanks for the insight @bouteloua