Searching for observations with an incorrect date

Due to a bug when using the inaturalist Android app + OnePlus gallery app I will have some observations where the date/time is the time I uploaded the observation rather than the time I took the photo. In some cases this could be a few months out. I have found a few (and someone else tagged a dragonfly which had an observation date in the middle of winter) but is there any way of finding them all? The photo metadata is correct so it is easy to fix them once I find them, but I have no idea how to find them.

Are all of the incorrect ones from the same date?

If you know which dates you uploaded the observation, you can search by date added at

You could also try downloading your observations into a .csv, and look for ones where the observed date is the same as the created date.

Thanks, I don’t know which date(s) I uploaded the observations or even how many observations I’ll have uploaded with incorrect dates. I’ll try the csv download as I usually upload observations after creating them.