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Is there a way that I can locate which of my observations (or anyone else’s) have annotations or lack them? It seems the article Annotations is a bit out of date: Following the instructions there I still can’t find which of my observations lack (or have) annotations: none of the filters under “More Filters” concern annotations.

And as a (rather lengthy) aside, the advice at Annotations encouraging editing Wikipedia articles with seasonality, using individual or collective observations from iNaturalist annotations, likely runs afoul of Wikipedia’s policy against using primary sources to infer statements, a form of original research (“Do not analyze, evaluate, interpret, or synthesize material found in a primary source yourself; instead, refer to reliable secondary sources that do so”). Creating or sourcing statements based on incomplete or geographically biased data sets (i.e., self-published iNat observations) risks creating a biased Wikipedia article (“species X lives in California where it flowers in early May” may be true, but grossly misleading if the species also lives elsewhere in the world and with different flowering times). And since iNaturalist largely uses Wikipedia as a source, citing iNat observations in Wikipedia risks creating circular citation loops that hinder verification of the true source. From Wikipedia’s perspective, only published sources like field guides, books, and journal articles should be used.


There are Annotation filters on Identify, but not in the Observations Search page.

Here’s a Annotating tutorial I made:

You can also use one annotation as a filter for collection projects.

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Thanks! That’s what I’m looking for. Although the structure only allows one observation to be viewed/annotated at a time: it’s a pity I can’t display all the unannotated observations in or for instance, and apply, “life stage = adult” with a batch edit.

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