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I can’t find a way to explore observations in the Orkney islands (north of Scotland). It will find village names but not whole islands nor the archipelago as a whole. Same with Shetland I think.

That is unusual, seems like I can find the archipelagos as a whole?

Orkney Islands :
Shetland Islands :


Yes, I can see just fine as well. I’m using web browser (Chrome).

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If you’re looking for what’s already there, you might find the Places pages useful, for instance, You can filter observations by category there and also search for specific taxa.

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Thanks. “Orkney Islands” wasn’t suggested as an option in the drop down list. But now I know about the “Places” page, which shows you all the possible places containing the word you type in. I still can’t get just Hoy, I suppose because that isn’t an administrative area… Or is it possible to enlarge the arbitrary oblong that the system creates in the “Explore” screen?

If you enter Hoy Stromness into the search ( the main one in the top right of the explore screen) it will build a bounding box around the island as follows

The individual islands are not likely in as dedicated inat places, so you need to figure out how to get it in google maps.


Also if you zoom on the specific place on the map you can use the button “search on the map” at will create a boundary box for what your screen shows.


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