Searching for specific observations

I would like to find specific observations I posted: e.g. all the posted pics from the moths I saw.
But when I enter Moth or Moths in the filter under “Description/Tags” on the page “Your Observations” only a few of my moth observations are showing up. The same problem occurs when I enter Moth or Moths in the “Species” box.
Can somebody explain to me what I can do see all my moth pictures or all the orchids I saw?
Thanks for your help

Could the problem be that “moths” is not really a defined taxon? If I am not mistaken, more or less all lepidoptera that aren’t papilionoidea are referred to as moths.
When I browse your observations and enter “lepidoptera”, I get 892 observations, which is pretty many I think! ;D

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try this

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This excludes butterflies:


you are probably right, that “Moth” is not defined. Entering Lepidoptera under the filter, I am getting just 4 observations and these are observations that are still not identified, they just show “Butterflies and Moths” as identification

thank you for your reply: by entering your suggestion I found all my Butterfly and Moth observations. But with the addition from trscavo it worked for just the moth observation

Thank you for your help, this solves my problem. Is it correct that if I want to find specific taxons, I have to find the taxon’s ID and insert this number in your code. Where can I find these taxon ID’s?

It’s in the URL of the taxon page.

An alternative is starting on your life list ( and browse from there.

You only need to do this when you are eliminating a certain group from your search (butterflies in your example). If you just want to see all your Lepidoptera observations, click “Your Observations” in the main menu, then under “Species” type in and choose Lepidoptera (or type in “moths” and it will show up in the search results).

Thanks to all the replies

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