Searching hybrids

A hybrid species is indicated with a “x” between the two species it is crossed with:
e.g. Equus asinus × quagga
Is there a way to do a search for all hybrids to make up a list or project?

A list of all hybrids entered in the database, or a list of all hybrids which have observation records?

It looks like if all you want is a list of hybrids in the database, this is possible through the API (but not, that I can tell, by searching taxa on the web), e.g. for Quagga hybrids,

returns this:

{“total_results”:2,“page”:1,“per_page”:30,“results”:[{“observations_count”:69,“taxon_schemes_count”:0,“ancestry”:“48460/1/2/355675/40151/848317/848320/848324/43327/43328/43329”,“is_active”:true,“flag_counts”:{“unresolved”:0,“resolved”:1},“wikipedia_url”:“",“current_synonymous_taxon_ids”:null,“iconic_taxon_id”:40151,“rank_level”:10,“taxon_changes_count”:1,“atlas_id”:null,“complete_species_count”:null,“parent_id”:43329,“name”:"Equus asinus × caballus”,“rank”:“hybrid”,“extinct”:false,“id”:568873,“default_photo”:{“square_url”:“",“attribution”:"(c) Matt MacGillivray, some rights reserved (CC BY)”,“flags”:,“medium_url”:“",“id”:4280153,“license_code”:“cc-by”,“original_dimensions”:{“width”:1536,“height”:2048},“url”:“”},“ancestor_ids”:[48460,1,2,355675,40151,848317,848320,848324,43327,43328,43329,568873],“iconic_taxon_name”:“Mammalia”,“preferred_common_name”:“Mule”},{“observations_count”:12,“taxon_schemes_count”:0,“ancestry”:“48460/1/2/355675/40151/848317/848320/848324/43327/43328/43329”,“is_active”:true,“flag_counts”:{“unresolved”:0,“resolved”:0},“wikipedia_url”:“”,“current_synonymous_taxon_ids”:null,“iconic_taxon_id”:40151,“rank_level”:10,“taxon_changes_count”:0,“atlas_id”:null,“complete_species_count”:null,“parent_id”:43329,“name”:"Equus asinus × quagga”,“rank”:“hybrid”,“extinct”:false,“id”:574900,“default_photo”:{“square_url”:“",“attribution”:"(c) Strange Biology, algunos derechos reservados (CC BY)”,“flags”:,“medium_url”:“",“id”:11805903,“license_code”:“cc-by”,“original_dimensions”:{“width”:2048,“height”:1692},“url”:“”},“ancestor_ids”:[48460,1,2,355675,40151,848317,848320,848324,43327,43328,43329,574900],“iconic_taxon_name”:“Mammalia”,“preferred_common_name”:"Zonkey”}]}

Tip: If you have curl & python, this will make the output pretty:

curl -s “” | python -mjson.tool

(addtional tips about selecting a subset of the data here, where I picked up this info: )

Thank you all for input.

@cmcheatle I created a project for hybrids in South Africa.

Currently, I have listed those hybrids that I know of, and observed, but would like it to be a collection projects of anything observed and recorded as a hybrid in SA. Thus I am looking for a way in the filter to extract the hybrids, regardless. I would have to change my project type, but that is ok.

It is easy when you know the genus and species etc, but in this case I want the filter to pull in the X factor observations only.

e.g. pull in Rubus bergii × rigidus, but leave out Rubus cuneifolius. I need it to filter " × "

Someone may know a different way, but other than adding the species one at a time to the project rules, I don’t know of a way to do it. I dont even know an effective way to get a list of observed hybrids as the hrank=hybrid filter does not work on observation queries.

Yeah, the hrank and lrank searches are broken for some ranks

@shauns if you just want to see all the hybrid taxa observations in South Africa, you can use the search URL modifier rank=hybrid right on the normal website without using the API. There are a lot of search filters that aren’t available for use in collection projects.

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Thank you. That gives me my answer.

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