Searching observations on Android doesn't return partial matches


App version number 1.18.3

using the search function in the my observation screen does not return partial match
For instance, knowing that among my past observations there is an Andrena ovatula, I’d expect that entering “and ova” in the search box would return it, as it happen in the suggested ID box.
Instead it return nothing - Unless I enter a full term (Andrena or Andrena ovatula).

This is an annoyance as obviously taxa names have challenging spelling and it should work as the suggested ID form. Not sure if this is a bug or feature request though.



i don’t think this is a bug. that particular search field seems to work the same as the “description / tags” field in the web Explore page filters. if you want to do a taxon-specific search, you should be able to do what you’re describing in the app Explore page search, as shown in the screenshot below:

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Hm therefore there is no way to have suggestions against shortcuts limited to one’s past observations. I see.
Moreover, once applied the filter to my obs only, I get strange results!|250x500

in Explore, you can limit the results to your own user id:

i don’t see the “strange results” problem that you’re noting. it sort of looks like those results are filtering for only “and”, not “and ova”. i don’t know why that would happen unless you’ve got a flaky connection or iNaturalist is not responding properly to your autocomplete requests for some reason (which probably also would be related to your specific connection / session).

are you still seeing issues? if so, i suspect you might have to send a log file for someone to properly troubleshoot.