Searching Observations using Annotations

Is there a way to search Observations using Annotations? I was particularly interested in searching for larval stages (caterpillars) of Butterflies and Moths. It seems like you can search “tags” but that doesn’t seem like it would necessarily be as consistent as the Annotations>Life Stage>Larva, e.g. possible spelling differences or terminology. It seems like since it’s so prominently included as a pull-down option that it would be a searchable item.

observations of Lepidoptera annotated as larvae:

also see:


You can also use a collection project to search for annotated observations.

And you can annotate observations as well, using the Identify page:


@pisum, thanks. It would seem that this could be built into the search function, that’s a fairly complicated string to put together for the average user. Once you have it you can tinker with it but creating that initially would have been a little bit of a challenge, even with the wiki.

I just do the annotation search in the identify page and then remove “/identify” from the URL. Redesigning the Explore page is on the docket and I’m sure annotations will be included there (or at least should be…!).


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