[Seek] Archiving old observations and photos

I’ve used Seek extensively for a year and absolutely LOVE it! My iPhone is now loaded with flower photos, and I must archive them to my MacBook Pro to free up space. Questions:

  • Does Seek store photos internally, or are my Seek observations linked to my photos stored in the iPhone’s Photos app?

  • What would happen if I archive my iPhone’s Photos (to my Mac) and then delete them from my iPhone? Would my Seek observations remain in a usable form, or would they be crippled/useless thereafter?

  • Is there any way to transfer my Seek observations to my Mac and “rejoin” them with my archived photos?

  • If I want to do this sort of thing, must I use iNat instead? (Yes, I’ve read the very helpful forum post: https://forum.inaturalist.org/t/why-use-inat-over-or-in-addition-to-seek/36944/30.)

  • Might I suggest adding the answers to this query to the helpful Seek User Guide?

    Many thanks in advance for your help!


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