Seek: Show large photos when reidentifying

Platform(s), such as mobile, website, API, other:

Description of need:
When the app identifies the same object again it asks whether the user wants to keep the old or new photo. The photos are shown as tiny images and cannot be enlarged. It is impossible to judge which photo is better and which to keep.

Feature request details:
The best solution would be simply to save multiple photos per discovery, not only one.
The second best solution would be a way to show the images in fullscreen, potentially with added zoom so it is easier to choose the better image.

Generally keep in mind that people with not so great eye sight use the app outdoors and don’t have their reading glasses on while hiking.

I approved this request because I think it’s a good suggestion that touches on accessibility issues. But I wanted to add some clarifying info as well.

Currently, Seek only saves a thumbnail-sized photo within the app, so it cannot be enlarged.

What would have to change is for Seek to save a larger photo within the app when an observation is saved. Depending on one’s Seek usage, this could cause the app to greatly increase in size. Would that trade-off be worth it?

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For me, I don’t want that; it’s not a feature I use. I understand for accessibility reasons why someone might want that. Could we have an option to save thumbnails or not save them? I would love to keep my app slim and trim.


Actually, this is exactly why I bring my reading glasses when hiking (not for Seek, but for the iNat app).

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Well, don’t use it then. That is not an argument against it.