Uploading multiple photos for one observation via seek

Was shown this neat little app in a botany paper I’m doing, but I can’t figure out how to add multiple photos through the app, so I can show an overview, close up shots of both leaf sides, flower shots, neighborhood shots, etc.

I know I can do that by taking extra photos then uploading them onto my pc at home, then the site after that, but that’s such extra hassle that I’m liable to skip it in field or forget once home. Sloth is such a burden.

Any tips?

There is an iNaturalist app too which you might find is more suitable for your needs.

I’ve not used seek but I expect someone who has will be able to help.


I am also a newish Seekuser and did a few times like you did, to add them later…
Or with ones Seek doesn’t recognize.
I couldn’t find a way for both options in Seek, too.
I don’t think, it can do it.
Even if you stay using Seek like me, you should get the inat app. So much easier to follow your observations.
For me, it was the right decision to give the inat app a try. :)

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