Select photos by upload method?

Is there a way to select observations where photos were uploaded from the app? Alternatively, is there a way to select photos by camera? I’ve notice some photos don’t seem to have camera information. All photos from my DSLR would have that information. Some from my iPhone do, some don’t, but I’m not sure why - haven’t done tests yet.

Anyway, I would like to know what observations I have with a particular tag that don’t have my DSLR model in the exif of attached photos. Possible?

other than going through each observation one by one, the closest thing to what you’re describing that normal users can do is to return observations from the observations search endpoint in the API. one of the fields included in the response is oauth_application_id, and although you can’t filter on this field when you make your request, you can parse through the results to find the ones that have a particular oauth_application_id (2=Android, 3=iOS).

only the staff can do this (or I assume someone who can query directly against the database). the only thing normal users can do that i’m aware of is to look through each photo in each observation one by one, which would be super inefficient.

it is possible to query by tag (ex. i’m not sure what value you plan to search for, but if the number of observations returned is small enough, you could just look through your observations one by one to find exif info.

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