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I would imagine an active participant in the conversation that was NOT a forum participant would become one to continue the discussion. It would represent a potential obstacle that might turn particpants of the conversation away though. Perhaps in time we can establish an informal protocol of gaining approval from all participants before jumping across to the forums, or at the very least sounding out if anyone has objection

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should I turn this into a feature request?

I reckon hold out for some more discussion. We have the functionality in discourse, and to be honest, it is amazing the rate of uptake by the community. I’m seeing “this is the first post by… welcome them…” at an ever increasing rate…

We have a huge “list” of feature requests, and most participants here in the forum will probably agree with me when I say we don’t have enough votes as it is… and I think the issue of whether having to “move a conversation” to another platform is exclusionary or not is worth discussing more. It could also be viewed as a positive thing, in that it could help drop off the “in it just for something to say” participants. I don’t think we have many of those, but I’m just trying to look at this from as many angles as possible!


ok, I’ll wait a bit longer.

me included!

Group messaging would be terrific.
Bring it on!

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Just turned this into a feature request.

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I often find myself trying to collaborate or share information and resources with a few users at a time, and end up either duplicating private messages or sharing information across a random (and hard to recover) scatter of observations. It would be far more convenient if the site allowed us to create group messaging threads.



Some in my small group are technophobic. It’s hard enough for some to use iNaturalist as it is, and some can’t won’t do research of species on the internet. This would be a very easy way to provide information or make requests, or to let them know of upcoming events (should this pandemic ever end). Also, while many may not have thought of this to look at the forums to respond, I believe it would come as a pleasant surprise if/when implemented. It would make it so much easier for the Project Leader.
Please make it so. Thanks.