Sending messages through Inaturalist

When and why should i send messages on iNaturalist? I wasn’t quite sure when i should message someone on iNaturalist. For example if someone adds an ID to an observation that I couldn’t figure out should I thank them through a comment or should I message them thanks or if I want some to ID an observation should I comment them in or should I message them a link?

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Both of these things (thanking people and tagging for IDs) are perfectly ok to do in the observations themselves.

As for messages, I use them for (among many things) sending personal information like phone numbers or email addresses that you don’t want anyone and everyone to see, longer discussions with people where I don’t want to bombard them (or others who have added IDs to that observation) with notifications, and just general messages that don’t necessarily relate to a specific observation e.g. organising a meetup.


I believe that discussions about ids better be done in comments, that’s how other people can learn.


yeah i think messages are more often for personal discussion, for example ive got multiple messages arranging to send things for study to people, discussion about the city nature challenge in my area, asking someone to just keep an eye out for some stuff in their area to observe, them previously asking the same kind of thing of me, someone asking to become an admin to a project of mine, discussion about a project someone made me an admin of… stuff like that.


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