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Hi everyone…I’ve just joined. I have set up a project, but cant seem to be able to select a place. I can zoom in and find the place on the map (in London) but cant seem to see anything about adding the place, or manually adding the place…Can anyone help? Thank you!


Welcome to the forum! I don’t know the answer to your question, but I’m know it’s just a matter of time before someone answers. This is a really great community and we are they have helped me a lot. Thanks for joining!


I’m not 100% certain on this, but I think you need a minimum number of research grade observations before you’re allowed to start doing things like set up sites.

It’s also a good idea to do some searching first. What’s the place within London that you’re trying to set up? There is a good chance that in an area as densely populated and with as many observers, more than 5,000 observers and more than 69,000 observations, many local regional places within London are marked as locations as well.


When you choose the place for the project you just need its name to be written and the system will give you what it knows with such name. If the place is missing and you meet criteria to create one you need to draw polygon or upload kml file of such.


I looked at the project that you admin (, and the description says observations should be in Brent Reservoir, but the project is currently limited to the city of London. So I assume your issue is that you would like to set up a place for Brent Reservoir.
In order to do this, you will need at least 50 verifiable observations (you currently have 2). You will also need to know the shape of the place and either draw it by hand during the place creation, or upload a kml file (as melodi_96 said above). There are a few other limits on place creation, but I don’t think any will apply to your place as it’s fairly small.


Our Getting Started guide has instructions for creating a place, once you pass the 50 verifiable observations requirement:

Note that it can take an hour or more for the system to register that you’ve passed the requirement, so hang tight if you don’t see the option to create a new place right away.


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