Shameless book self-promotion

Are you scrambling for a last minute Christmas present?? Just want to treat yourself to a (cheap as chips) gift you can curl up beside the fire with? Then I have the solution for you! (I promise I’m not a spammer, otherwise I’d self-curate myself)

I’ve just published a short e-book on scientific etymology available on Amazon. There are 50 entries spanning from ‘aer’ to ‘zoo’, with each one explaining the origins of the root word, how to use it, and examples from scientific terms (plus a bonus drawing for each!).

With the power of this book you’ll be able to go on a translating rampage across iNaturalist, figuring out what the scientific names for all your favourite species mean!!

In all seriousness though I hope everyone likes it, and would hugely appreciate people checking it out.

Available here for the US at $2.99, the Australian link is here.


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