New Podcast Episode about iNat! (Jumpstart Nature Podcast)

Like for so many, iNaturalist has been a life changer for me. It’s a huge part of the equation that has set me on to change careers and devote my life to nature conservation.

I want to share how great iNat is with as many people as possible, and encourage more people to use it, so I’ve created a new podcast episode as part of my Jumpstart Nature organization:

#5: Every Observation a Discovery: How iNaturalist Changes Lives and Changes Science

Of course, you can find it on Apple, Spotify, YT Music, etc, too.

This 20 minute episode shares insights and perspectives from three iNat super users, @joemdo @gyrrlfalcon and @catchang. It’s jam-packed, fast moving, and hopefully entertaining! And it is narrated/hosted by Griff @griffith .

Our podcast audiences are generally “nature curious” people who are looking for inspiration to take their next step in helping the environment, i.e. generally people who aren’t already using iNaturalist. So our goal was to inspire, and perhaps reveal some new ways to look at iNat without overloading people with too much information.

Let me know what you think!


Hey Michael, thanks for creating this podcast. I’m really curious how others use iNat/Seek beyond just returning IDs. Maybe folks who take a listen can offer their own insights. All the best, Cat


Wonderful! I especially love hearing how @joemdo uses iNaturalist in his language classes as an educator. Great work, everyone!


Yes, it’s pretty awesome! I’d love to hear other creative ways people use iNaturalist to connect people with nature. Maybe we can do a part 2 (or some other creation)? I’m open to ideas!


I really enjoyed the episode and hearing the stories of a few people who are using the tool. Thanks for sharing the tool and CNC so widely.