Share a project link via qr code

I’d like to have QR code for event volunteers that will automatically open inaturalist and invite them to join our project.

I can’t find any documentation on this. Normally I’d select Share from an app and create a Qr code from the generated link but there’s no such option in the iNaturalist app.

Any suggestions?

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Are these users with iNat accounts already? If not they’ll need to make accounts before joining your project.

I’ve never seen sharing from an app lead to a QR code, but if that requires extra functionality I don’t know if feature requests are being accepted now. Developers are already working on a new app.

Probably the easiest thing is to create a QR code on desktop. Are you mostly working on the app (and Android or iPhone if so)?

If you have the iNat app, Android phones will open qr codes for observation links in the app but other links like projects and taxa only open in the browser. I don’t have an iPhone to test. Maybe create a feature request to open project links directly in the app instead of the browser. I think it would be handy.

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You could just make a qr code for the project page itself. If opened in a browser, there would be a link to join the project on the project page.

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opening iNaturalist and inviting folks to join a project are two separate things. you could encode one QR code that opens iNat and another that contains a message, but it’s probably easier to make a single QR code of a URL that points to some web page which contains an explanation of your project and links to do various things (download the app, join the project, etc.).

if you want go with the URL approach, you have to decide which URL you want to direct them to:

you can make your own QR code using many different tools. if you have no ideas where to even begin, here’s what i would use to encode a text string such as a URL:


There’s no “invite link” for iNat Projects. You can encode a link (URL) to your Project as a QR code. Opening the QR code takes them to your Project’s page in a browser. If they’re already logged in to iNat, they’ll see the usual “Join” link.

I use to generate QR codes. It provides anonynmous, registered-but-free, and subscription options.

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