Should the FAQ section be updated with relevant questions from the forum?

I was just going through the iNaturalist help section again and I noticed that some of the questions asked on the forum would be good additions to that help section, like:

Forum Questions:

I am sure that there are other important questions that I missed. If I tried to find all of the important questions, this post would become the equivalent of an extended FAQ guide, which I may do later on. That is assuming it does not already exit.

I have not been able to find anything else on this. All comments are welcome.

*Edited to separate Forum questions from iNaturalist questions.


When you say “iNaturalist FAQ”, do you mean the “iNaturalist forum FAQ” or the iNaturalist help page?

Because they are separate platforms and some topics that fit in one (eg. forum badges) wouldn’t necessarily apply to the other.

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Oops. I meant the iNaturalist help page. My bad. But I suppose if the questions help either one, the more help, the better, right? Thanks for the correction.

Not necessarily.

It could cause confusion to conflate them because they are different platforms.

I.e., there are some people who use iNaturalist but not the forum, as well as a smaller population who uses the forum but does not use iNaturalist (either by choice or via account suspension).


I did not think about that. I should have separated the questions based on their pertinence to the forum or the iNaturalist Website. Thanks for the information.

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