Show "more results" when subscribing to taxon or place

The screenshot below is from a phone, but I have confirmed this occurs on a desktop browser as well:

  1. I tried to add the butterfly genus Sea to my favorite taxa ( )

  2. It does not appear in the list when I try to type it in the box for entering a favorite taxon:

  3. I don’t know how many other taxa might have the same issue. I found a workaround because Sea is monotypic, so I was able to enter the species instead of the genus, but that might not work for other taxa and the option to select from any taxa, not just the first [ X ] returned, should really be an option.

  4. I just checked on the Place subscription search and it also seems to return a limited amount of results with no option to see if there are more present in iNaturalist.

By way of comparison, here’s how I locate that same taxon in the site search, which has the type of “more results” I am requesting in the subscription search:

  1. Search for term, it’s not in the first [ X ] results returned, so click “view all”

  2. On the site search results I then filter by taxa (presumably, the taxa subscription search already applies this step):

  3. I scroll or page through until I find the taxon I am looking for and click it:

We’re actually revamping subscriptions so I’ve pass this suggestion along to the developers. I’m going to close this request.

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