Show scientific names as principal and in first instance in projects (Species label)

In the projects and particularly in the ‘species’ label, the common names are shown in the files in the first instance and as the main name before the scientific one. People outside the platform who visit the projects and see the info frequently express that the common names do not correspond to those used in their country (in my case, Venezuela). I would like the cards to show, in the first instance and the scientific name as the main one and in the second and minimized name, the common ones. Is this possible?

Example →

@rafael_gianni I approved this request, but I’ll say it would be probably be a low priority because iNaturalist allows users to view scientific names only or to view common names second. If you go to your account setting page, you can choose those options.

Regarding common names from Venezuela - you can choose to view common names from a specific place (usually a country) and if names are attached to that place, you’ll see those names. We use this a lot for Latin American countries so that users can see the site in Spanish but see common names particular to their country. Any user can add common names to iNaturalist and attach them to a place or we can import a batch of them. If you have a batch of Venezuelan names, please email and I can discuss next steps.

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Hi Tony, many thanks for your response. Attached, you can find an example about the request (external user view or not registered into platform)

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Other option for external users would be only show scientific names for each species

Maybe iNat can understand which language is used by the unauthorized people by browser basic language somehow? Or ask people when they open the website which language do they use as browsers do for foreign websites?
Because making scientific names prioritised for everyone is a big minus.


Under settings, the app has an option to “prioritize common names from a specific place.” It also has the option to choose a language there. The website does too, under ‘Edit account settings and profile.’ My laptop won’t let me show screenshots here, but it should be right at the top.

Sure, but we’re talking about “external users”, so no settings for them.


Ah, I missed that. Thank you!

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We’re not going to move forward with this request, we don’t want names displayed one way on a page then displayed differently on others.