Common names are shown in many different languages while batch editing

Whenever I batch edit a group of observations (via, The common name field shows names in many langages, including the language I have set in my account settings (english). Earlier, I was editing a batch of around 100 observations, and I got common names in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, and a couple I couldn’t recognize.

Has any one else seen this? I have been seeing this for quite a while, and I haven’t noticed a pattern.

I think some of the older pages dont honour one’s choices of Place for common names, and the reordering of common names on the taxonomy page, and the formatting of common names (as different from the case in the original). For instance, guides, batch edits and filling in IDs.
But it has been too insignificant for me to bother tracking details of all instances - I just assumed that when pages will be updated these will be brought back into line …

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Made an issue here, for what it’s worth:

As this is pretty minor and not necessarily a bug but more of a design decision about exactly what should be shown there, we’re not going to fix this in the current batch edit tool but revisit when designing a new one.

I’m a little skeptical that a “design decision” would result in the same species sometimes being named in English and sometimes in Czech:

Maybe the follow-up question is how does the species_guess get set to something non-English when I’m definitely not using anything other than English/scientific name to enter the species?

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Mine often show up in Spanish - but my own default is always English.