Slow website loading

Is it something CNC related? I don’t know, but for last week the website pages have some troubles, once they work fine, next min nothing can be opened and the observation trying to be loaded for 15 minutes withut any lack, I try to double it and nothing helps while my main page can be opened but still only the list of observation is loaded. Can something be done with it or we just need to wait?
My Internet is working fine, speedtest shows high speed right when it happens on iNat page.


I haven’t had a problem with iNat, but a couple of others I never had a problem with. Takes me forever now to log into my bank account. To the point a pop-up comes up saying the website is slow to load do you want to wait or leave. Hve had that randomly with a couple of other websites recently and I know it is not my internet. I’m think just more people than usual on the internet.


We did see increased load this year due to CNC as expected, but while things may have been a little slower that weekend we haven’t noticed many performance issues since then. The last couple weeks we’ve seen average response times return to normal levels and nothing has changed that should greatly impact performance.

Are there particular pages, actions, or components of pages you are finding slow? As in is it just some things that are slow, or everything? Or are there particular times of day that you notice a slowdown? Do you use the mobile apps and do you notice them being slow or is this specifically a website problem? When iNat is being slow have you tried other websites to compare (I know you said you did a speedtest, but I’m curious about anecdotal experience with other websites)?

Again our server metrics show a return to normalcy after CNC and things should be running very similar to how they were before CNC if not better. If anyone else is having performance problems please do let us know, and including answers to any of the above questions would be helpful.


Check your task manager. Mine is slow when Avira or Windows (sigh) is updating.
Sometimes I switch off and try again - since my problem doesn’t show as iNat’s fault.

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Probably every time it is related with observations pages, so everything is working fine, then I get notifications, open pages of observations, but they don’t load and it continues for a couple of minutes? the main page is loading sometims and I can click on things or open forum, but sometimes only head part is loaded and still working, any time observations can’t load when I clik on them. Other websites are working fine at the same moment.

Exactly the same thing happens to me. The observations never load, nor do they load the images on the identify page. My internet is fine, and the other websites work fine too.


Meaning they literally never load, or they take a while to load? Does the loading spinner stay on the page and no observation data is visible? If they never load that seems distinct from slow responses. It would be great if anyone experiencing either of these issues could open their browser console (here’s a how-to), reload the page, and take a screenshot of anything that appears to be an error in the console.

It would also be helpful to get more precise information about things that “don’t load” or “never load”. Are you just seeing the loading spinner? Or is it that the page data loads but the images don’t load? Screenshots would be helpful. It would also be helpful to know if you notice any patterns with the problems - is it all the time or isolated to particular times of day, taxa, people, etc?

As I said above, we’re not seeing any performance issues on average and if anything the site API response times are faster than they have been in the last few weeks. Seems like these are isolated slow requests, perhaps related to a yet unidentified bug, or issues beyond our control. Photos are distributed through a third-party content delivery network so it’s an important distinction for us if photos are slow to load or fail to load, compared to a page’s content or API response being slow.


Now it’s working fine. But today at 3 pm, when I opened an observation, everything was loaded except the images, they did not load the photos of the observation, the images of the identifications, the profile photos of the users, nor did they load the images that appear when you open the notifications section. The INat bird icon that appears on the left side of the tab was loaded at first and then disappeared. When it happens again I’ll take screenshots

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I get this whenever I try to load, but not .org. I wonder if the the “local” pages have the same level of support as the main page?

They never load if you don’t refresh them, spinner stays, for me it’s the whole page, not only photos, it’s hard to replicate, I thought it was over but it happened again so I created the post, will see how it will be today.

It happened again

For me it’s fully not-loading. To note: I opened this observation using this loading page, so it’s kinda half-working, as I described before.

it probably would be informative to include the console error messages, as nicolasr has provided. in his case, his messages sort of look to me like his own connection may be flaky. pleary notes above how to view console messages.

It looks like this. Also I think it happens when I upload obs via app.


Thank you for the screenshots. nicolasr looks like for you it is only images that are not loading. Unfortunately this is somewhat out of our control. We use the AWS CloudFront CDN to distribute images and sometimes they might have local outages that only affect certain regions. You might check the AWS health dashboard when you see problems . Obviously if this were consistent and recurring we’d want to re-evaluate use of CloudFront. But I don’t think that’s the case here and I suspect they were having temporary problems in the distribution network closest to your area, or there was some other problem with the network near you.

melodi_96 your problem is a bit different and i’ts not immediately clear to me why you’re seeing that error. Looks like you’re using the Chrome browser in Windows. Could you share the version of Chrome you are running and the version of Windows? If it is only happening intermittently, I don’t think the problem is originating on our end. Does anyone else see issues like this? Has this always happened or has it only started happening recently? Have you noticed any patterns about when it happens - like does it happen more often at certain times of the day?


It started about the time after CNC first part ended, at least last days it happens only when I am uploading observations with the app, and not each time I do that, didn’t pay attention to that before, it’s Windows 10 and Chrome is 81.0.4044.138.


Also have to say I experience the same in Chrome on iPad 2018, with the same wi-fi used.


I began having a terrible time yesterday, continuing today, with images loading very very slowly, with this problem occurring ONLY on iNaturalist.
I notice that the site gets particularly clunky if i EVER touch google maps outside the iNat interface. I wonder if Google is intruding?
I fiddled with this and that, and ended up clearing all the third party data out of my browser, which seems to have helped. Or this may be completely unconnected, i cannot say. But it’s something you can try.

I would really like to know that it’s under investigation, when uploading many photos (I have over 300 for today) it makes using the website unbearable, I see notifications, but no observations shown and as loading of new observations takes long time it means for me an hour or so without true access to the website other than adding observations. And as we have regional event now it’s a bad time for such thing.

do you have a way to tell how much and how fast (the rate) you’re uploading? and can you compare that against the upload bandwidth of your own connection?

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