iNaturalist website is very slow. The website will open up fast, but when I "click" to another section, it will take over 10 minutes to load. I have no problems loading fast on other websites. I use a Mac Book Pro, and a Hotspot 480

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I use a MacBook Pro. I use a Hotspot 480

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Can confirm very slow loading here in southern Ontario. It seems to come in spurts, though. I thought it was my slow rural internet, but I guess it’s not just me.

I’m not aware of any issue on iNat’s end. It might be a localized internet service provider issue, or something related to your device or browser. You didn’t share which browser you’re using, or which page(s) load slowly, which was asked for in the bug report template, and without specific information like that there’s not much we can go on here. If you can add those, that would be really helpful.

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I use Safari Browser. And it has been extremely slow when I try to open up “Your Observations” and a “Community” page. But today, all the pages are opening up quickly. Sorry I didn’t give you all the information. I am not a savy IT person.