Small cursor selection bug on Explore pane

Replication for me: Go to explore, type a taxon name, and then try and click at various points of that name. In my case, when it places the cursor between letters, the cursor ends up being placed 1-2 positions to the left of where I actually clicked.

This is not the case anywhere else on the site. It is also exclusively for the taxon box, not the location box which is adjacent. Google Chrome, Windows 10.


I have a Mac and normally use Firefox, and haven’t had a problem. In Chrome on Mac, though, I can’t click into the word once I write it. The cursor always stays at the end of the word. I’ll file a bug report.

I had the same problem today, but it was at the time of looking for a species to make an identification, I’m using Chrome in Windows 10.

I’m on a macbook with OS 10.14.6, using Chrome 76.0.3809.132 , and had no problem of any kind. Behaved normally.

This should be fixed now - can you please test? Working for me in Chrome on my Mac.

Looks good for the most part. It might still be slightly biased to the left, but if the cursor is in the center of two characters, it will at least select the right spot. That’s a big improvement.