Can't move cursor with mouse in Description field on upload page

Another minor gripe: when you’re on the observation upload page, you can’t change the position of the cursor in the Description field with the mouse. You get a cursor icon when you mouse over the field, but clicking has no effect on the active (blinking) cursor. You can move the cursor with arrow keys, Home/End, etc., so you can always get it where you need it, but would often be easier just to put it right where you want it with a single click (and this from someone who favors the keyboard over the mouse). I can’t remember if this has come up before - it’s a small problem, but is the sort of niggly little detail that would be a nice thing to see fixed.

I can’t reproduce your issue. If I understood this problem correctly, then it is working fine for me.
But, as someone who has dabbled in a lot of coding for web design over the years, this seems the kind of issue that is very browser-specific and system-specific, so you might need to give more details of the system you are using.

Windows 10 Pro v. 1803, Firefox 67.0. I will see if I can recreate it in Chrome.

Looks like I get correct cursor behavior in Chrome, so I guess it’s a Firefox-only issue.

I use firefox and I have the same issue, you can still move the cursor in the description box at the left side of your screen though, just not in the observation itself.

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Yes, this is a Firefox issue and unfortunately there’s not much we can do about it. I use Firefox as well, and as @afid says you can edit the text using the tools on the left-hand column.