Solidago sempervirens mess

Solidago sempervirens used to have two varieties, sempervirens and mexicana, which have been elevated to species. sempervirens occurs north of Maryland and mexicana to the south through Texas at least. Most people didn’t use varieties in identification and most people don’t know about mexicana as a species due to lack of representation in books. As a result we have a huge number (1300 or so) S. sempervirens IDs that really should be S. mexicana based on range. Only 184 observations have been identified as S. mexicana. Is there some sort of taxon swap that can be done based on range to help sort out this mess? I would be ridiculously time consuming to try to manually correct these IDs, considering quality of ID is highly variable and not to mention many of these IDers are no longer active, meaning correction would just revert ID to genus.

There’s already a discussion going on a flag, so I’m going to close this to focus the attention there:

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