Updating ID's - Taxon Swap

Is there away for me to do a mass update of ID’s that I made?
There was a taxon swap that moved Western Soapberry from a variety to species, so for those that were ID’ed at the species level, it left them alone and only changed those that were made to the varietal level. I have four pages of ID’s and would prefer to not go through one at a time and change.
Needs changed to 286324-Sapindus-drummondii
For that matter all taxon_id=62828 in Texas can be changed to taxon_id=286324.


If you flag the taxon, would that get this part addressed?

Unfortunately this issue is more than just your IDs, or even Texas. If Sapindus drummondii is now officially raised to species level (I don’t know if it has been or not) it will affect several US states according to USDA and BONAP maps of the ranges of each, and Mexico at least.

I’m not a plant curator, but what will need to happen is the two species will need to be have atlases that show the appropriate ranges, and then a taxon split to update the records.

You can flag Sapindus saponaria on its taxon page https://www.inaturalist.org/taxa/62828-Sapindus-saponaria to let a plant curator know what the issue is. Click on the curation tab and the first choice is “flag for curation”. You will need to work with the plant curators as this is something that will take time to do correctly.

EDIT: I flagged this https://www.inaturalist.org/flags/416777#activity_comment_3527784. I tagged you in the comment so you should be notified of any actions or questions.

closing to focus discussion on the flag

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