Some taxa are not appearing on project lists

Some of the observations that I’ve entered at iNat are not showing on the project lists.

Two examples:

Would appreciate some help on this matter. Thanks in advance.

Here are the observations I refered to:

Milvus milvus:

Muscicapa striata:

Thanks for providing links! Looks like these observations have obscured geoprivacy, so I think this explains your issue:

Thank you for your answer, but the geoprivacy on this observations is not obscured.

All four of them are obscured. Here is what I see:

You will see the correct location if they’re your observations. You can always see if they’re obscured by looking for the eye icon with the dotted lined around it.

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Found the problem:

“Taxon is threatened”… This is a common migrator in Portugal (M. striata), little harm can be done by disclosing its location. Is there any way to go around this?

Thank you both for your answers.

If you find a taxon that would be in very little danger from exploitation due to the public’s knowledge of its location, then you can bring this to the attention of iNat curators by:


Since this issue with the project can be explained by the FAQ link above, I’m going to close this one out.

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