Website shows wrong location when uploading and after doing it

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Browser: Firefox

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Step 1: Uploaded an image

Step 2: When selecting the Location, “Notas por localidad” (Locality notes) shows a different place

Step 3: After updating the observation and uploading it keeps the wrong location but coordinate are right.

I know I can correct it, but it’s weird that it shows a different location

Edit: I corrected the Locality in the observation, so I added a screenshot of it

This can happen when the first photo you select from the camera roll is the wrong one. When you delete it as the default, its coordinates continue to be the coordinates of the corrected photo selection.
So general rule: if you select a wrong picture as the first picture of an observation, start over again, otherwise iNaturalist keeps the wrong coordinate.

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of course it would even be better if iNaturalist could eliminate this bug ;-)

not a bug. this design allows the location notes to be modified to whatever the observer thinks is most appropriate, not what Google thinks is appropriate.


I understand what you’re saying, but in this case I’ve only selected one picture and coordinates are correct. Only locality notes is incorrect

Locality notes are incorrect because of Google - which writes our Silvermine National Park as silver mine. (There is NO silver, but the name and the history survive)

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I think that might have been referring to how the metadata read from the deleted first photo is still retained as the default values for the observation, rather than about the separation of Google place description from user entered one. It’s still not a bug though, as the picking up of the metadata from the first photo at upload is just an initial data field population, it is still on the person uploading to check, correct and maintain that data to be correct, and deleting even an incorrect photo doesn’t alter the need to do that. He is right in that it is easier to just scrap them and redo!