Sort observation fields by name (in user interface)

For example, when trying to find all the fields that start with “has…”✓&q=has&commit=Search

In NZ we have a series that @jon_sullivan created for interactions, and they used to list mostly together. Now there are a lot more similarly named fields, they are scattered through a number of pages of results.✓&q=interaction&commit=Search

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As long as they don’t provide a checkbox for that, you can use✓&q=has&commit=Search&order_by=name&order=asc

for the time being.

But i would like to have a checkbox for “begins with” as well:


lol… I tried order= and order_by=, but not both in the same search!

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The observation fields page is one of the older areas of the website in need of a design update. Being able to click to sort by name and number of uses seems like a no-brainer. I updated the feature request title to match that, but feel free to edit.


See related:

Sorry for the late follow-up here (thanks @jwidness) but we added sort functionality for both Name and Date Added (click the top of each column to sort by that attribute):

So I’ll close the request.