Sort taxa by number of observations

I have over 4000 observations and because I live in Baja California, Mexico a lot of them are the only one in the first one. I’d like to have a filter to search for which of these unique observations are the unique ones. Gracias!

This would also be useful for finding species on the species tab that aren’t in the top 500 most observed.

Exactly. I know I can selected 1) species 2) scroll to bottom. What I’d like to search for is ALL my observations that are only one, or with the option of less than let’s say 2-5 observations. Some are the only ones or. the first ones. I can see that in Calendar page but I have to go by each date.

So I guess what I’m also asking for is to somehow write some code that collates all the “first” observations to my life list.

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And to do this by region also would be awesome. thanks!

I figured a way to do this, albeit I have to go a day at a time: View Calendar dates > Life List 1rsts > Previous date to see the others. These are usually rare species for me and first iNat photos at this point. So it would be great to collate all lie list firsts on one page from the last ___ amount of time.

I have found the “life list first” to be buggy, so I wouldn’t trust that. Here’s one tool you can use to sort your observations by number of species. The compare tool is limited to displaying 500 taxa at a time, so you have to break it up into taxonomic chunks, for example plants or insects.

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This feature request and discussion sounds duplicative of these ones, especially the first one, so I’m going to close it.

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