How to sort observation by taxa?

Is there any way to sort “my observation” taxonomically?
There is only Date added, observed and faves filter options. But how to sort them by taxa?

Open your life list, there you can sort it taxonomically, but be ready as lists are not updated anymore and can be buggy, but you can manually change them.


Thanks. I know about life list, but it is very inconvenient and, as you mentioned, buggy, and it shows only species, not observations. So if I have two or more observation of one species, it shows only first one, in that list.

Yeah, but if you open that taxon in a separate window via “edit” function it will show how many observations of it you have and you can open them there.


This is very inconvenient, but OK, assume that this solves the problem. But what to do if I want to sort by taxa on species tab? For example all species observed in region:
They sort by number of observation, and I cant sort them taxonomically.

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If you’re willing to do the sorting on your own, you can download the list of observations. If you open the filters tab, on the lower right there’s a button to download. It can take a while to prepare, depending upon how many observations you’re requesting.


There is no sort option either alphabetically or by taxonomy in observation lists. It was removed (alpha sorting) several years ago due to bugs and not replaced.


I’d like this as well. It’s has been requested multiple times in this thread so I’m guessing they will consider it when they redo the Explore page:


Yes, this would be an invaluable feature whether applied to individual observations or those gathered in a project featuring multiple species.

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