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Hi all

Curious why I am not seeing this spider (my) observation on our Project’s ( https://www.inaturalist.org/projects/birds-and-more-of-the-pawnee-national-grassland ) observation. Can someone confirm it is because “The Community ID requires at least two identifications.”? The observation falls within the bounds of My Place of Pawnee National Grassland/Open Space.

Might be so, just have not observed this system behavior before with any of my other observations. I see them right away generally, I post observation, check Project page, I see it.

Thanks Gary

Forgot spider observation link: https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/53992295

The list of taxa covered by the project does not include arachnids


It looks like the project filter only includes birds, mammals, reptiles, plants, and insects.


Hello, being a non-scientist, guess I assumed spider is an insect. :-) Thanks Gary

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I see you added arachnids. Just out of curiosity, I have to ask:
Since the project description is “Discover and track flora and fauna of the Pawnee National Grassland” [ed: emphasis added], why does the project taxa not include flora (Kingdom Plantae)?

Also, instead of adding birds, mammals, etc, and risk missing something (the project currently lacks some additional arthopods, fish and other taxa that correspond to the place linked in your project), couldn’t you just use Kingdom Animalia?

P.S. I have never created or administered a project, so please forgive my question if there is some limitation that prevents collection projects from having Kingdoms in the terms.


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