Species count bug?

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On my Observations page the Species count has not changed in a while, even though I’ve added several new (to me) species that already have RG. I just noticed that if I click on Species and scroll all the way down, the last species on my list show the ones I have with 2 observations. It does not show the species I have observed only once!.. Why is that? And would this be the reason why the total count is not accurate?
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See: https://forum.inaturalist.org/t/missing-observations-in-life-list/4186

Not sure if this is related, but my profile lists 216 species whereas my “Your observations” page tells me I have 307 species. The number of observations is the same for both pages, so does anyone know why there is a discrepancy? This has probably been discussed before, but if someone would be kind enough to show me the link to that discussion, that would be very much appreciated!

And btw I did try the things suggested in the link above…



Thank you - it makes sense now!

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Thank you, everyone! :) However, I am referring to the “Observations” page, not the Life List… I still tried the Tools there, but nothing changed… I mean that the species I have observed only once do not appear on my “observed species”. Please refer to the screenshots for more clarity. Thank you!

On the Observations page I click on “Species” (first screenshot), then scroll down all the way to the bottom (second screenshot). The last ones to be listed are the ones with 2 observations. The species that I have observed only once are not listed at all…

I just checked mine, and it’s the same… last in list are 2 observations.

I counted them all, and there are exactly 500, so I am guessing it’s only showing the top 500. I’m at 1600ish species, so similar number to you. If there is anyone in the 5k+ area, they might confirm that their last in page is greater than 2.

I went to test it by putting the list into reverse sort order, but there is no filter option for it. Does anyone know what url hack I might use to sort the species tab into reverse order (ascending number of observations)?

Yes, it’s intentionally capped at 500 results. You’ll have to add a filter, like “plants” or “birds” to see them all in that view. There is no way to sort in reverse order by number of observations. Making the species list complete and adding a reverse sort are ideas that have been brought up on this topic https://forum.inaturalist.org/t/ideas-for-a-revamped-explore-observations-search-page/8439 and elsewhere.

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