Subspecies ID does not affect community ID

Platform: Website
Browser: Chrome

Description of problem:

Step 1: Initial ID is Asilidae (family)
Step 2: Subsequent ID is Blepharepium cajennensis ssp. coarctatum (subspecies)
Step 3: Community taxon does not change even though there are no conflicting IDs and the user has not opted-out of the community taxon.

Deleting the subspecies ID and making a species ID (Blepharepium cajennensis) does change the community taxon. What is going on here - I can’t imagine this is working as intended?

this is not a bug; see feature request to change this

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Yes, it is not a bug. Community taxa are limited to species, but it does look like a bug… It has to do something with how Community Taxa work. If only two IDs are added, until another person IDs the subspecies or species, it will remain at the initial ID of subspecies

it’s not a bug, see my above comment

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How is this not a bug? A subspecies id contains the information for a species ID so it should change the taxon if just leaving a species ID would have. It could only not be a bug if the programmers were instructed to create this counter productive feature in the code.

the behaviour is explained in the first couple of comments in the link I provided