Species in WORMS that don't show up in taxon search

There are taxon updates in worms, including a new species (Galaxia gaviotensis) and a new combination (Timea authia is now Tethytimea authia). These were updates in WORMS a few weeks ago, but “search external name providers” in iNat doesn’t turn them up. Any know how I can add them? Do I just need to wait longer for WORMs updates to be added to iNat? Thanks.

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Hi @tomleeturner, welcome to the iNat Forum! To my knowledge the external names search is not linked up to WoRMS, so you’ll need to flag a parent taxon for curation and a curator can look into adding the species manually (or making whichever taxonomic change needs to be done).

To flag a taxon for curation, go to the taxon page, such as for the family this species is in: https://www.inaturalist.org/taxa/363856-Hemiasterellidae, and then click Curation, then “Flag for Curation” on the right side of the page under the graph. You can leave a short note, save, and then use the comments section to add a longer note or URL(s).


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