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If you go to your life list, there are settings on the right and the rank line with three options – species, leaves and any. I’ve never heard of such a rank as “leaves”. It is set by default. If you make any, then taxa are added (by the number of undefined species).

What does “leaves” mean?

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welcome @alexanderdubynin.

if you think of a set of observations as being arranged taxonomically in a tree, a “leaf” in that tree is an endpoint of each branch in that tree, with the most granular taxonomic rank being species. for example, if you have a set of 3 observations where A = Bird, B = Mammal, and C = Blue Jay (a bird), you will have 1 species (Blue Jay) and 2 leaves (Mammal and Blue Jay).


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I think @pisum is right. And I hope you continue asking good questions!


I see. Thank you.


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Correct, so if you want to see subspecies, any is the choice you want.

(This always seemed backward to me. Leaves should only show the lowest identified rank on a branch, and any should show all identified ranks on all branches. But that’s not how it works.)


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