Please help with an incorrect observation that I entered?

Back in 2015, I entered an observation in an incorrect format; it was my first observation here, and I was a bit befuddled. Anyway, the main problem with the observation was that I entered the ID as UNKNOWN… later on I obtained a valid ID, and edited my observation with that information, but the entry is still showing up as UNKNOWN,

I edited the “what did you see?” field to show scientific name as well as common name, but that just appears in the listing as “placeholder”; in the meantime, on the various listings, it still just shows UNKNOWN. Is there some way to fix this listing?? Or do I need to just delete it and start a new observation??

Nothing wrong with the observation as far as I can see. I just IDed it as good as I can, which just is: spider. :-)

the problem was that you entered a “placeholder” instead of selecting a an actual taxon as your ID. next time you add an observation, make sure you select an actual taxon from the drop-down list when you add your ID suggestion.


It seems you entered a species ID as an observation field, as an “associated species”. The purpose of that observation field is to add the name of a second species that might be associated with the focal species in the observation (for example, if the spider was eating an insect), so I would suggest to delete that observation field. Instead, you can go to the “Activity” section of the observation, and add an identification in “Suggest an identification” underneath where Richard has added the ID of spiders. Hope that helps!

Solution ^

Thank ye all for your suggestions!!
Interestingly enough, the ‘UNKNOWN’ label disappeared last night, possibly because @thebals added a suggested ID. That’s much closer, and I then added the species ID that I think (from other sites such as BugGuide) is correct.
I tried removing the ‘associated species’ entry, now that @deboas clarified what that is for, but there isn’t actually a ‘delete’ option for that field, as far as I can see… I tried deleting the text from the field, but once I Save, it is still there! However, the main problem is resolved, so I don’t have a problem at this point…

Glad that you’ve been able to resolve how to add the IDs, @gorlash. For the “associated species” entry, what you need to do is to click on the bold text that says “Associated species with names lookup”, and you should see a box pop up with options to Edit or Delete, something like the screenshot below:

HAH!!! Thank you so much !!!
Honestly, I expected the delete operation to be located on the “Edit” page, but this works too…

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